Fire and smoke cause hidden damage that goes undetected.

Identify the full extent of your damage.


Who do I turn to for Help?

Who can I trust that has my best interest in mind?


Property losses are an unwelcome interruption in life. When you’re faced with filing a claim, something has gone terribly wrong. Often times, people are distraught and not sure what to do. Policyholders need authoritative advice and need it quick.

The way you handle your claim in the first few hours or your initial contact with your insurance company could be the difference between whole restoration or a financial loss. The insured can utilize the services of a Public Adjuster at any point in the claim process. However, the sooner a Loss Consultant is involved, the quicker they can protect your interests. Many people compromise their own claim because they simply don’t understand the recovery process.

Take the 5 Question Test

  1. Do I understand my insurance policy?
  2. Will I be overwhelmed by the claim process?
  3. Do I know my rights when dealing with my insurer?
  4. Do I understand my obligations after a loss?
  5. Am I sufficiently familiar with the rebuilding process to ensure my claim is fairly settled?

If any of these questions cause you concern, then you need professional assistance to help you make the best decisions possible, protect your interests, and guide you through the recovery process.

A Public Adjuster Represents Your Interests Exclusively.

Let an insurance professional provide sound advice and design a winning strategy to maximize your financial recovery.

Insurance companies are a for profit business. Underpaid claims equal increased profits. A conflict of interest exists when a Policyholder has a claim. This raises the question, who is protecting you!

Take control of your situation by enlisting the services of Claim Help Public Adjusting Group, a licensed Oklahoma Public Adjuster. We’re a knowledgeable authority that can assess the situation and make sure you’re treated fairly by your insurance company. Our mission is to represent your interests and contribute added value to your claim.

As a policyholder, you deserve to be paid every dollar you’re entitled so you can restore your property to its pre-loss condition. Managing a claim is tedious and time consuming. Our goal is to make the experience of handling your claim as easy and stress-free as possible. Your time is better spent getting your life back into a normal routine.

Claim Help Public Adjusting Group handles both residential and commercial claims throughout Oklahoma. We serve as an advocate to help the policyholder recover all the funds available under the terms of your policy.

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