How can a Public Adjuster Add Value to my Claim?

Public Adjusters are property loss experts who specialize in interpreting insurance contracts, determining coverage, estimating construction costs, contents replacement, and more. They act as an advocate to protect the policyholders interests and ensure they receive all benefits and payments they are entitled. Public Adjusters work exclusively for policyholders, not the insurance company.

Why should I hire a Public Adjuster?

After a loss, policyholders need dependable advice and they need it fast. Insureds are often required to make very important decisions at a time they are confused and unsure of what to do. Preparing an insurance claim is a complex and time consuming task best handled by experienced insurance professionals. By utilizing the services of a public adjuster, home and business owners can focus their efforts toward getting back into a normal routine.

When is the right time to contact a public adjuster?

Immediately. The earlier a public adjuster is involved in a loss, the sooner they can start to protect your interests. Policyholders often compromise their own claim upon first contact with their insurance company. It is ideal to have your own representative present when your insurance company’s adjuster initially inspects your loss. The services of a Public Adjuster are often most valuable when involved at the beginning of a claim.

How much will a Public Adjuster cost me?

Our fee is a small percentage of your recovery. Typically, this amount is more than offset due to our involvement. We don’t get paid until we collect money from your insurance company and there are no up-front costs. In the event we don’t think we can add value to your claim, we will tell you.

Am I likely to get a greater settlement with a Public Adjuster?

Public Adjusters typically obtain better settlements for their clients as opposed to a policyholder trying to settle their own claim. They have vast experience in evaluating, estimating and presenting evidence of a loss to insurers. Experience translates into better results.

Shouldn’t my insurance company protect my interest?

In theory, yes. But in reality, they may not. Insurance companies are businesses; the more money they pay out in claims, the less profit they make. They are looking out for their own best interest while they settle Your claim. Their adjusters are trained to keep claims to a minimum.

What are the different types of adjusters?

There are three basic types of adjusters:

  1. Company Adjuster – An employee of an insurance company who views the loss from the prospective of the insurance company. Items tend to be settled in the insurance company’s favor.
  2. Independent Adjuster – This adjuster works for an adjusting firm who is subcontracted by your insurance company. Like a company adjuster, he represents the insurance company. An independent adjuster is merely an adjuster of an insurance companies own choosing.
  3. Licensed Public Adjuster – A licensed public adjuster is retained by the policyholder and represents a policyholders interests exclusively. He is an expert who specializes in determining policy coverage, claim procedures, documentation of a loss, estimating construction costs and presentation. He negotiates on behalf of the policyholder to recover every dollar that is available based on the terms and conditions of the insured’s policy.

Will I have to deal with multiple adjusters to settle my claim?

It’s not uncommon to have three or more adjusters from an insurance company involved in a claim. You will be expected to coordinate with all of them.

What if the insurance company has already provided their estimate and I don’t agree with it?

It’s not too late to call us at ClaimHelp Public Adjusting Group. We can still assess the damage and compare our findings with your insurance company’s initial offer. If we discover any missed damage, or if the claim appears not to be accurate, we can assist you with a supplemental claim.

What if I have already been paid and the insurance company has closed its file?

If you think you were paid less than you deserved, we’d be glad to review your claim to determine it can be reopened. Most policyholders don’t know they have been underpaid until after the claim is closed. Just because you cashed the check doesn’t mean your claim can’t be reopened.

Won’t my insurance agent work on getting me a fair settlement?

No. Insurance agents are experts at selling insurance. Insurance agents do not have the specialized skills or resources to settle claims. That’s why your insurance company has their own adjusters.