Protect Your Family From Fire and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

November 7th, 2012by Kent Edwardsin Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New Roofs Create Hidden Risk of Fire

OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma (November 2, 2012) – There is an increased risk of residential house fires this year in Oklahoma City.  Due to recent hail storms, approximately 100,000 roofs have been replaced in the Metro area and many have a hidden danger.

It is very common during the roof replacement process for gas vents which connect to heaters and hot water tanks to come ajar; these vents are often disconnected completely.  It has been estimated that over 50% of homes with new roofs have this problem.  This presents an increased danger of fire for homeowners who have recently had their roof replaced.  In addition, CO2 and CO exposure can occur which is of particular concern if children are in the home.

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Unusual sequence of events turns nighttime tornado deadly

April 16th, 2012by Kent Edwardsin Woodward, Oklahoma

Seven people and three dogs survived while taking cover in this structure. All survivors sustained injuries from minor to severe except for the dogs, all of which were unharmed The town’s tornado warning system did not function because it had been rendered non-operative due to a lighting strike. In addition, lightning also knocked out electricity to the town residents before the tornado Surviving the Stormreached town. There was no warning whatsoever. The tornado hit town 12:35 am Sunday morning.

I visited with one survivor who rode out the storm in this structure. This person is a young and fit personal trainer. She told me she was upside down and could not move any part of her body until she was dug out and has a clothes dryer on top of her. The entire family was rescued by neighbors in the light of auto headlamps. It was a miracle that anyone survived. The dwelling is no longer recognizable and now a pile of debris.

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